Interior Design by Alexandra Angle, photo by Lucas Allen

Interior Design by Alexandra Angle, photo by Lucas Allen

Interior Design by Alexandra Angle, photo by Lucas Allen

Interior Design by Alexandra Angle, photo by Lucas Allen




Hay Runner PRODUCES your project. We put together talented teams, give expert and intuitive guidance and help smooth the process by being a third party representative.

  • We help identify a reasonable BUDGET…

  • Hire a designer, or team of designers that are right for YOUR project…

  • Hire a build team that is right for YOUR project…

  • Manage that team from CONCEPT through COMPLETION.


We provide busy and sophisticated clients with an enjoyable experience and exceptional product. We are experts in our fields, and our collective alignment adds value to everything we design and create with, and for, our clients. We customize project teams based on the needs of the clients. Our process is comprehensive, collaborative, and our work is influenced by the projects’ cultural and physical environment. Our information and experience makes our clients more agile and aware of realistic budgetary requirements.


First we provide an OBJECTIVE.  A thoughtful and realistic objective.  We work with Owners, designers  and builders to align expectations of project TIMELINE, SCOPE and BUDGET, in order to deliver a project that meets or exceeds expectations.

Thoughtful planning and diligent communication will always save money and reduce stress.  A construction project involves many layers, and many decisions.  

Often a home is the most important investment for an Owner, and there are aesthetic and budgetary filters that influence all decsions.  

Often, the best place to start is by asking the right question(s) and understanding available resources, followed by building a realistic project schedule and budget.


In order to achieve our objective, we work closely with our clients and chosen team.  We consistently create alignment while using the following basic procedures,

Interview Owners, or Decision Makers, to begin building a baseline of expectations

Educate Owners as to local market insight and challenges

Clearly Identify project objectives

Create a comprehensive strategy to achieve goals, considering Timeline / Scope / Budget

Build “Project Chart” , a visual checklist that ties the scope to a calendar and roles

Build “Project Budget”, a spreadsheet that ties the scope to proposed fees

Identify Team, delegate

Clearly Communicate  updates and adjustments to Project Chart and Project Budget on a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly basis

Consult, available for expert advice